Designed for builders, manufacturers and consumers In the highlands, power, speed and indomitable spirit are required for survival. Every design is scrutinized and tested under the demands of the harsh realities of the highlands. Winning is in our blood, it is our heritage.
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Designed for builders, manufacturers and consumers Creating the next generation engine to empower custom builders and do-it-yourselfers to build the bikes of their dreams. US Highland has the ability to meet the custom needs of builders, OEM’s and consumers.
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Small Displacement Metric Engine Platforms

US Highland created a single cylinder dependable powerplant capable of great horsepower. Available in 350cc, 450cc and 507cc displacements.
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V-Twin Metric Engine Platforms

We challenge the rules. Our demanding environment requires it. The result is a V-twin that delivers awe inspiring power and lightweight design.

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We Design the Power, You Design the Machine to Use It

US Highland is a premier developer and manufacturer of high performance single cylinder and V-twin powertrains. US Highlands are built from the bottom up with the best parts to deliver the most powerful, dependable and breathtaking powersports experience possible.

Latest News:

US Highland introduces the all new E commerce portal for aftermarket engine parts
US highland will launch several new online tools to shop for engine parts under the and brand names. Using the latest technology, consumers can shop for all types of engines parts from ATV’s to sport bikes.  End users can shop, compare, and buy from mobile devices or desktops.  With the best brand names in the industry and a one stop shop for the best deals,  the new website will offer a new type of shopping experience.  Shoppers can find parts by vehicle type, part number or side by side comparisons. will provide detailed video instruction on repairing, changing parts and hot tips from the best mechanics in the business.  You are sure to recognize, some of the guys who make the racers famous and keep the best racing machines running every weekend.  No matter what type of riding you do and will have what you need.  

Single Cylinder Metric Engine

Twin Cylinder Metric Engine

Custom Development, R&D and Manufacturing

Are you looking to have a small displacement vehicle or engine platform developed? US Highland has all the capabilities to help you manage your OEM projects. Creating the next generation engines to empower the short run custom manufacturer. Building the next generation marketplace and distribution channel for the powersports industry.